Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Photographer

Profile:    Victoria

Victoria is my photographer friend. She previously suffered a mild food phobia that dictated most of her meal choices and restricted her to the kid's menu. As result, her palette still favors sugary, sweet things and hamburgers. She may attend grad school or law school. Or she may just up and leave the country.

1. Favorite ingredient?

Cinnamon. I'll throw that on anything. Also, milk. And vanilla extract.

2. Favorite fruit?

Really, this question was for Kelley. I hate fruit. So mmmm...lemons. They're yellow.

2a. Scariest fruit?

Better question. Tomatoes.

3. Favorite veggie?

Green beans & jalepenos.

4. Favorite food word?

Filet mignon, or any spanish food phrase like...salsa verde o mole.

5. Favorite food appearance-wise?

Weirdly enough, artichokes. (yet to eat one...)