Monday, May 26, 2014

Being Fed

by Victoria

At least every other season, I try to convince someone to start a food blog with me. (Heck, the stats for this blog reveal that it was created December 2009.) But...despite an appropriate amount of enthusiasm from friends and fellow foodies, the idea gets shelved.

Its similar to heath food crazes I go on every once in awhile. I go to the grocery store and walk through the bright produce section and say to myself, "Hey, those grapes look pretty great. And I used to eat apples all the time." I will then load my basket up...with grapes and apples. (I'm particularly averse to other fruit.) But by the time I wind up and down the other aisles--Fruit Loops, cheddar Goldfish, jalapeƱo flavored chips--these other snack options make their way into my cart.

Finally unloading the groceries at home, those Goldfish receive prime shelf space in the pantry, and those healthy, ripe, fresh, natural apples get shelved. The apples may start at the front of the fridge, but eventually, they are exiled to hard to reach corners where they sit until the bi-annual "Clean Out the Fridge" afternoon.

Food blogs are like healthy diets and apples. Bright and full of potential and probably good for you, but eventually neglected in favor of sticky, cheesy, spicy, chocolatey, saccharine treats...or easier, more trivial afternoon pursuits like Netflix marathons.

But alas, I finally have convinced Kelley for the umpteenth time to join me on this foray into the food blogging world. We hope this blog will occupy our minds and bellies this summer as we pursue the lifestyles of fabulous, unemployed college graduates. More importantly, we hope this blog will leave us with the sensation of being fed. As the world moves so quickly around us, this blog will constantly fill us in the best ways.