Monday, September 8, 2014

Street Food Festival Part 1

Here's a food post. I have since lost the names of the event, the restaurants and food trucks, and the food I ate. But I assure you... it was good.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fluff Bake Bar

Blogging from San Francisco, Kelley and I have officially split up. I dearly miss my foodie friend, but in the coming days weeks, we hope to initiate a new phase--Being Fed: Coast to Coast edition. In the meantime, I hope to add some fluff pieces to help this little, fledgling blog float along.

Just before I left Houston, and the great state of Texas, I made one last tour of some of my favorite restaurants and a few new, local hotspots. I joined my friend Jennifer (who was quickly becoming my Houston sweet-tooth friend) for a farewell venture out to the Heights to check out Fluff Bake Bar. Located within Revival Market, we ordered three desserts, and the Fluff Bake Bar exceeded all expectations.

IMG_5144 1fluffbake fluffbake1 IMG_5159

Couch Potato Cookie: SO I should've written about this cookie in realtime...not from a couch in San Francisco, but I distinctly remember the complexity of this little fellow. I remember the sweet taste of sugar cookie, with the added crunch of chips and nuts (pecans, maybe?), and then the lingered salty taste on the back of my tongue. I wish I could do the cookie a greater justice...but trust me, the cookie earns its name. I would gladly sit on the couch, binge watching House of Cards, with a whole plate of these guys for an afternoon.

fluffbake2 IMG_5184

SHOs (Sugar Hooker Oreos): Call it a whoopie pie, call it a homemade Oreo, I don't care. This might have been the best bite of sweetness. The chocolate cookie was the perfect follow up to the salty-sweet couch potato cookie. Just needed a big glass of milk for dunking.

IMG_5185 fluffbake3

Funfetti Cupcake: Presenting a literal cupcake. Fluff Bake Bar offered several flavors and we opted for sprinkles. How could we not?! We saved this for last...but that may have been a mistake. Jennifer and I were definitely fighting full stomachs. Nonetheless, the cupcake was fluffy and fun.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


So, the lapse of food posts has not been intentional. Dear chef Kelley left for a grand Canada adventure for two weeks, and I have been preparing for my own grand adventure--moving to California. We knew that distance would eventually separate us, but that was not supposed to happen until Kelley ventured to culinary school in October. Thus, we must initiate Being Fed: Coast to Coast or Being Fed: Domestic. The name is not finalized, the game plan is rough at best, but soon the blog will be covering the West Coast and Gulf Coast....then the West Coast and East Coast.

In the week's time before I head out to California, I plan to take full advantage of Houston. This blog may be a bit more restaurant review heavy in the upcoming week, but I still guarantee wonderful photos of food and slightly-incoherent musings.

IMG_2622 IMG_2558 IMG_2331